Mr. and Mrs. Oxbow

Hayden G. and Erica Eason Hall, both natives of Clarksdale, successfully ran Oxbow Restaurant & Catering together for six years. These two are passionate about community, art and design. The concentration of their mission is to always offer something a bit unexpected in the Mississippi Delta.  Since closing the restaurant in 2016, the couple is pursuing their individual passions. 

Whether Hayden is painting, cooking or creating a community project, he always asks...why not? And Erica through floral design, writing and interiors- too likes to push the envelope and go off script.  These two will always be bringing you something new, you can count on that! When not running their businesses, working on revitalization of their community, or organizing a big event, the two find themselves traveling as much as possible to take in new wonder!. In April of 2015, Erica and Susan Flowers opened Oak & Ivy, a botanical shop in downtown Clarkdsdale.  She creates floral designs and living arrangements inspired by nature. And many times, the two collaborate on events with floral tablescape designs and catering! Check Oak & Ivy out at And Hayden is painting full-time these days. His works can be seen and purchased throughout the Delta, Oxford & Memphis. Or visit his website