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What Is Leisure Audio Books

Leisure Audio Books is an affiliate program that was launched in June of 2007. It is an affiliate program that allows you to promote and sell a variety of book from your own audio book store. This store has over 6000 titles.

Affiliate Marketing – Get More Hits Through Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways of generating more traffic and getting popular in the Internet world. One of the surefire methods of getting such precious consumer attention is by affiliate marketing – one online site would tie up with another for a…

Finance Affiliate Marketing Part 2

An insight into the initial research you need to do to ensure that the financial niche you intend to promote has market and profit potential. If you have read part 1 of these series of articles on finance affiliate marketing then you have obviously decided to take the plunge into a very exciting and hopefully profitable world as a finance affiliate.

How You Can Be The Next RichBum

What’s this thing called Bum Marketing? Why are Internet Marketers using this as a primary method to soar their business to the top? How can you take advantage of the “Bum Marketing Method” and turn your bank account right side up?

Business Plan Affiliate Marketing – This May Be The Most Important Thing You Do

Just as in any other business, if you plan on starting an affiliate marketing business, you’ll need to have a business plan. I cannot stress the importance of this enough and have actually learned quite a bit about this recently from super affiliate, Michael Campbell.

Google Referrals Rocks! Or Does It?

This article talks about the Google Referrals 2.0 program which was launched by Google recently. Referrals is an interesting product which might very well shake the affiliate marketing industry.

Finance Affiliate Marketing Part 1

These programs are the most lucrative and competitive in the World. So what does it take to get a slice of the big commissions and payouts on offer?

Online Affiliate Marketing – It’s For Real And The Potential Is Huge, But You Must Know This

Online affiliate marketing is making a few people a lot of money. The opportunities online are practically limitless, as long as you stay away from the “get rich quick” schemes, get out of the “sales” mindset and get ready to get to work!

Beginning a Home Based Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is simply placing advertising on the internet, and receiving a commission for sales resulting from those ads. Sales are tracked via special links that identify the affiliate. When a consumer clicks on an advertisement and visits a website the site then tracks the consumers visit back to the affiliate and credits them with any sales. Depending on the program, the website will pay a commission to affiliate even if the consumer purchases the product a few weeks, or even a few months, from their initial visit.

The Super Affiliate Handbook – Learn How to Start, Run, and Grow a Successful Affiliate Business

The Super Affiliate Handbook written by Rosalind Gardner is a great handbook that is liked more than many others on the market. It is a great tool for anyone looking to make money on the Internet, and a new edition is published each year to make sure readers are getting the most current information on affiliate marketing.

The 411 On Affiliate Marketing – What Makes It Click?

Successful affiliate programs do need lot of maintaining and work up. The number of affiliate programs just a few years back was much smaller than it is today. Having an affiliate program that is successful is not done as easy before.

4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing ways to promote a web-based business, and is done through programs like Google Adsense. The person who hosts the ads will get paid for each time someone clicks on a posted ad and goes to the advertiser’s website. It’s of great benefit…

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