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Three Big Tips For New Clickbank Publishers

I had spent months writing my first eBook to promote on ClickBank. As I got closer to completing it I decided I would offer it for sale through ClickBank. I had seen many somewhat similar, yet much inferior products, sold there. I was sure I was just weeks away from making a killing with it. Here is what happened.

Clickbank Inner Secrets – Pimp Your Pitch Page

Everyone who is in affiliate marketing believes that their number one goal is to drive traffic to their site. And–I wouldn’t turn any traffic away from my site, no–not at all. But that is only one part of the equation. In this article we will look at the other critical factor on your landing page–how well it converts.

Creating Pre-Sell Pages That Sell

Are you an affiliate marketer? You no doubt have a lot of pre-sell pages you use to generate clicks to your publisher’s sales pages. That technique works, but there is a tremendous variation in the composition of of these pre-sell pages. Some people use pay per click advertising to drive traffic to their pre-sell or landing pages, while others (myself included) opt for trying to get their pre-sell pages listed on the front page of the search engines for keywords related to the product they promote.

How to Become a Clickbank Profiteer

So you’ve got an eBook, or–maybe you’re thinking about writing one, and you turn to ClickBank as the platform from which to sell it. Good for you. If you hang around ClickBank for very long, you will find one indisputable fact. Especially in the Internet and Money Making niches, the same names keep popping to the top of the ClickBank charts. They make their living by coming out with a new eBook every 3-6 months. How do they do it? Here are some of their secrets.

Finding Top Clickbank JV Partners

If you are planning on releasing a new eBook, you may be considering using ClickBank at the platform from which to sell it. Your number one concern for generating a successful new product launch is to line up some big JV partners to promote your product during the first week or two of your launch process. How do you find these people? This is the question we will answer in this article.

Affiliate Marketing – The Problem With Swipe Files

I’m sure most of you have been involved in some kind of new product launch as an affiliate for that product. And, as you know, you want to get your emails out on the very first day (if you haven’t done some pre-launch mailings earlier) to maximize your profits. You’ve got to hit your list with your affiliate mailings immediately while the buzz is big. The question is, do you go with the swipe files the product publisher provides or create your own. This is the question we will address in this article.

The Pros of 2 Tier Affiliate Programs and Residual Income

Residual income is one of those fantastic theories that really doesn’t seem achievable to most people. However that has changed thanks to the Internet and two tier affiliate programs. Let’s take a look at the pros of creating a residual income from two tier affiliate programs.

Revealed – How to Make Money Online Without a Website

You don’t have to have your own website to make money online. Check out these tips for creating your online income fast, without building a single website or investing any money up front.

Moms Need Cash? Make Money Fast on the Internet? How it is Done

Moms need cash many times. They might be found in the following situation: having spent several hundreds of dollars on the “next best thing” that had come through their email, they were sick and tired of being sold a system, or a program, or a piece of software that was supposed to stuff their account with cash. I also need cash. The only thing I had done was stuff someone else’s account with cash and I got little or nothing for my efforts.

Online Affiliate Business

In this economy, you need to start looking for alternative methods to support yourself or family. Working online is one of the best methods to secure a stable income provided you have the proper training. Without the proper training and realistic goals, do not even attempt an online affiliate business.

Where Can I Make Lots of Money Fast?

The recent downturn in the world economy is a huge problem for many people right now. Read this article and discover how to start making an extra source of income online from the comfort of your own home.

An Explanation of Affiliate Marketing

An easy to understand explanation of affiliate marketing for the novice marketer. Answers to questions that those interested in starting a home based business may have but are having difficulty getting simple answers to their questions.

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